Join Our Effort to Transform Lives of People Living with Paralysis

More Than 330,000 Individuals Battle Paralysis in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

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More Than 330,000 Individuals Battle Paralysis in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone, there are over 330,000 people living with mobility impairments. Many among them face considerable challenges due to limited resources, with a substantial number reliant on disability benefits. This situation often makes it difficult for them to access the support they need to lead fulfilling lives.

Our organization stands as a beacon of hope in these circumstances. We are a faith-based entity that strives to bridge the gap between the traditional resources available and the vital resources that are still needed. We achieve this through dynamic programs aimed at enhancing the physical, emotional, and social quality of life for our community members.

Our Programs:

Virtual Small Groups

Small groups help build spiritual community with others who can empathize with having a disability or caring for someone with a disability by discussing the bible studies.

The small groups being virtual removes the barriers of not having transportation or living far from the group.

Respite Dinners

A night off for caregivers from shopping for groceries, cooking, and washing dishes and allows for some much-needed "me" time by providing a 3-course chef-prepared dinner.

Dinners are family-style, including a bread option, salad, entrée, starch, vegetable, and dessert. Or a gift-card to their favorite restaurant.

Fellowship Lunches

Designed to help combat the isolation that people with physical disabilities and their caregivers can experience from not connecting with others in the community. The lunches provide opportunities to have fellowship with others who can empathize with their circumstances and build lasting relationships to help encourage one another.

Social Outings and Events

An opportunity for members to increase courage and build confidence to go out in public as a group and overcome the fear of social stigmas that come from having a physical disability.

Adaptive Strength Training

Once our community members complete their traditional therapy sessions, they often still possess the potential to further improve and gain strength. However, they face a significant challenge: most gyms lack the requisite adaptive equipment and do not have staff knowledgeable in catering to their specific needs. Recognizing this gap, we offer a unique opportunity for continued progress. Our facility includes an adaptive gym, equipped to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, we have neuro-exercise specialists on staff, boasting over 30, 000 hours of experience in working with individuals with physical and neurological disabilities. This enables us to provide an environment not just for maintenance, but for real and continued improvement.

Quality of Life Grants

We are proud to provide financial support for people in our community struggling to pay for necessary expenses, including but not limited to, medical supplies, adaptive medical equipment, or unexpected events. (Eligibility requirements apply).

Able Faith Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN # 85-1462863